March 21, 2011

Land Ark Northwest is moving to the Southwest!

Land Ark NW is moving our operation to the breathtakingly beautiful Boulder, Utah later this week! We will be closed March 24-31st while we relocate and should be fully operational by April 1st in our new town. While very remote, shipping still happens there, so you'll be able to get your product as regularly as you do now- if you live on the east coast or Midwest, you may get your order a day or two sooner. The Northwesterners will have to plan a day a head to get theirs (sorry guys!). Freight shipments will go out weekly- probably Fridays. Here's our new contact info if you're keeping track:

Land Ark Northwest (keeping the same business name, though our region will be SW!)
P.O. Box 1507, Boulder, UT 84716.
Phone is the same: 541-844-8748.
New fax# 435-213-2232.

All the best, enjoy your Spring and find something to smile about today!

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