March 22, 2009

Land Ark and Earthen Floor Finish

Yes, that’s right, you can now use Land Ark finishes on earthen floors for a beautiful natural look with rugged durability, and like all our products, without the use of toxic dryers or harmful chemicals.
WHAT TO USE: The best results come from saturating the floor with our Concentrated Finishing Oil (Earthen Floor Finish) and top coating with 2-3 thin coats of Non-Staining End Sealer/Liquid Wax. You can also add oxide pigments for a variety of rich colors. Why put yourself at risk from toxic dryers and chemical additives in hardware store variety finishes? Land Ark is the way to go.... GREEN!

Here's what one natural builder and earthen floor expert has to say:

“Earthen floors are laid as a wet mix of clay rich soil, sand and fiber. After drying, these raw floors are sealed with many layers of linseed oils mixed with thinner and then finished with a wax or resin.. The Concentrated Finishing Oil from Land Ark works great for me. It already has citrus thinner in it, which I absolutely prefer.

I apply many layers, until the floor is full and then let it dry for about a week. I then use Land Ark Non-Staining End Sealer/Liquid Wax, applying with a buffer...beautiful! I have also been playing around with the pigmented oils; they color the basic brown floor nicely. ”-Sukita Crimmel, From These Hands, LLC

More about From These Hands and Sukita:

From These Hands, LLC is a natural building company with the mission to offer design, contracting and consultation for earthen floors, plasters, walls and sculpture.

Earthen Floors have recently become our focus and with that we have done the work of finding all the best materials. Local is very important to us, as well as non toxic. After a few other attempts at different options for the oil we use to seal the floors, we have landed with Land Ark Natural Wood Finishes from Land Ark Northwest.

With the integration of earthen construction methods and materials with green building options, we are rekindling the trust and knowledge to build with the earth.

From These Hands, LLC
, Sukita Crimmel:: Owner, manager, general mud enthusiast and earthen floor specialist. Phone: 503.957.6132,,

Stay tuned for more on this in the future....

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